Now you can easily manage your lights, locks and thermostat settings from anywhere, at any time. You decide what you want to control and when.
The possibilities are endless.
  • Easily Controllable

    One button turns of all the lights throughout the property. Control a wall of TV's, or just one with a single remote or tablet. Presentation set-up and video conferencing with one touch.
  • Energy Savings

    Save energy and money automatically. You will have the ability to easily monitor and adjust your energy consumption, and make smarter energy decisions with ease resulting in utility savings and helping to save the environment.
  • Alerts

    Get a text alert if someone enters after hours. After you get that text alert, access and control security cameras from anywhere.
  • Music Throughout

    Simplify your audio and other components with one remote to control it all. You can control and feed a high-end audio system for dancing or ambient music.