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Greet those who are welcome, don't worry about those who aren't.

From burglars to vagrants to the occasional goofy salesman, your business could have just anybody stroll through the door.  At Alarmco, we understand that you have a company to run and playing gatekeeper to those who would happily squander your time is simply counterproductive.

Perhaps there is a dispute with an employee about what time he/she arrived or left work or there is suspicious activity outside of business hours that needs to be reviewed.

Alarmco’s Access Control is here to help.  It is more than a system that locks and unlocks doors.  Especially when combined with Alarmco’s video surveillance systems, it provides you with the knowledge that you, your staff, your information and your property are safe and that your entry points are secure.

  • Control your entire building or specific areas within. Limit access to those areas by date/time or by employee.
  • Forgot your key card? Cloud access systems allow you to open doors with your mobile phone.
  • Set up automatic door schedules holiday schedules, and management to save time.
  • Visitor management support allows you to both identify and log every person that enters and/or exits your building.
  • Simple-to-use interfaces allow you to easily control your system, regardless of your level of technical expertise.
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