Fire Safety Systems Orange County, Los Angeles, Riverside | Alarmco

Don't wait until these guys show up to decide fire protection is essential.

Alarmco understands that you need to protect yourself, your staff, and your property from the unexpected.  With Alarmco’s 24/7 Fire Alarm System Monitoring, you can rest assured that you have done what you need to do keep it all safe.

Our comprehensive fire service offerings have you covered.

With sophisticated monitoring, testing, inspection, and maintenance from specially trained and certified technicians, everything you’ve worked so hard to grow will stay safe and growing strong.

As a service-based company, Fire Safety is yet another crucial service Alarmco offers:

  • UL Certified 24/7 fire system monitoring
  • Phone line or cellular fire alarm monitoring
  • Alarmco can test and inspect your current system, including sprinkler monitoring.
  • Alarmco can replace your current fire alarm system equipment (in accordance with NFPA 72 and UL 827 standards).
  • Fire prevention services include fire detection, smoke detection, carbon monoxide detection, heat detection, fire and smoke damper installation, fire doors, mass-notification systems, voice evacuation and more.
  • Save money on insurance with an Alarmco fire & life protection system!
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